Our Global Network

  • TECHNOsource International Inc. (TSI) is a Canadian-based human resource recruitment organization with an established international expertise in the Engineering, Trades and Hospitality sectors.

  • Developed out of the growing shortage of working professionals in North America, TSI provides targeted recruitment of qualified staff from multiple international locales.

In order to meet your international and
professional recruitment needs, TSI provides:

Value-Priced &
High Quality Services

  • Located in a number of settings in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Far East, our global network of professional staff are able to provide effective support to all aspects of the recruitment process.

  • These international connections enhance our understanding of the cultural implications of relocation. Thus TSI is able to provide very targeted recruitment services and support the transition processes required for individual professionals and for employers.


Whether you are an employer or a working professional seeking a change, our aim is to serve you by effective matching of skilled Engineering, Trades and Hospitality professionals with quality employers through our global network of services.

Engineering, Trades & Hospitality Professionals

  • Our team understands the importance of your confidence in a program which involves relocation to distant locales and different cultures.  We are highly skilled in assisting you through the complex process of seeking employment in overseas jurisdictions.

  • TSI can provide you with opportunities in a range of environments that have the potential to develop your career and support your family.


  • TSI has a comprehensive database of skilled local and international professionals who are seeking a change of employment and living situation.

  • Our qualified staff offers international screening and specialty recruitment expertise to meet your requirements.

Other Key Areas of TSI Skill Include:

  • Assistance to the credentialing processes in various locales.

  • Expertise in facilitating immigration processes and cultural education for new recruits.

  • A turn-key recruitment process to reduce the time and energy spent by employers in obtaining qualified professional staff.